Valentine’s day is around the corner!

Valentines-Day-background_mainIt is always difficult to find that perfect gift for your significant other, but you literally cannot go wrong if you get them sunscreen! What better gift than the gift of beautiful skin? It is both a thoughtful gift because you are considering their health, and also a useful gift because EVERYONE, man, woman, and child, can use it! Now, your job will be is to consider which type of sunscreen your significant other will most likely to want to use each day.

There are SO many options! But first, and foremost, you have to make sure it is a physical block, meaning “zinc oxide” or “titanium dioxide” as its active ingredients.

Second when deciding which sunscreen to get is usually the look of it – will they not wear it if it goes on too white? Look for a tinted sunscreen!

Other things to consider – texture. Many men do not like lotiony or creamy textures on their skin, so maybe consider a stick sunscreen or powdered sunscreen.

Do they exercise? Try looking for “water resistant” sunscreens that they can wear throughout their workouts.

Want to consolidate the products you have to use in the morning? Try finding a sunscreen + antioxidant + moisturizer. All in one products rock!

Not sure which products fit your needs? Contact us with what sunscreen specs you prefer, and we can recommend specific products to fit your niche!

Sunscreen while you snowboard

Stock SkiingYou’ve all seen it before – your friend comes home from a weekend of skiing with a goggle-outlined sunburn on their face. Fortunately, while you are snowboarding, your entire body is usually pretty covered up by the snow gear, so you don’t have to worry about apply sunscreen to the body. But we cannot forget our sun exposed face. Skiing and snowboarding on a snow covered mountain can almost give you double the sun exposure. Why? Because the white of the snow reflects the sun! You are not only getting the exposure direclty from the sun, but also the reflection of the UV rays off of the snow. Also, skiing and snowboarding is a form of exercise, which means you are likely to sweat. This means that the reapplication sunscreen is even more important every 80 minutes because you will likely sweat off a portion of it throughout the day.

The nose is one of the most common places to get a non-melanoma skin cancer because it is exposed ALL of the time, so we need to pay special attention to protect it. You’ve probably seen the old TV shows where the lifeguard wears the thick white zinc on his nose – while it looks silly, the idea is actually pretty good because it will definitely be protected that way! But since that isn’t realistic, while skiing, you can wear a mask (which will not only protect you from the sun, but also wind) or you can apply and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day.

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2015!!!

Sunscreen for Life wants 2015 to be the year of sun protection. We can sometimes forget about sun exposure during the winter months since the days are more overcast, but this is a mistake! UV can penetrate through the clouds and still burn your skin. I went to a wedding once where one of the bridesmaids fell asleep outside the day before the wedding since it was cloudy and the weather was cool, and by the time she woke up, she was redder than a lobster! Unfortunate that she was sunburnt for the wedding, but even more unfortunate that she increased her risk of developing skin cancer down the line. Studies have shown that the number of blistering sunburns one receives in their lifetime has been correlated with their risk of non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma. Because these develop so much later in life, it’s hard to start worrying about them early. But just as you exercise and eat well to keep your heart healthy, you should wear sunscreen and sun protective clothes to keep your skin healthy. Let’s make a resolution for 2015 to do so!

Choose your suncreen wisely!

Knowing what is in your sunscreen is key when preventing skin cancer and sun damage. The way the sun penetrates the skin can be blocked with the right shield, or a physical sunscreen. Since we are taking the time to apply our sunscreen each day, it is in our best interest to have the best possible product, look for the active ingredients: Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide.