Do not put off getting your weird mole checked!

I have to share a story I encountered today. A patient came in worried about a mole he had had for many years. Before he showed it to the physician, he told her that it had been changing over the past 10 years, but he never wanted to get it checked because he was worried it was cancerous. When we saw the mole on his arm, it was shocking how irregular it was. It was an outright melanoma, and the doctor recognized the diagnosis before even biopsying it.

I know it can be scary to get a bad diagnosis, but in terms of your health, the earlier you get checked, it will ALWAYS be better. Please remember that skin cancer is curable if caught early.

Get the courage today to get your skin checked and if there is a bad diagnosis for you, take on the challenge today. You do not want to put these things off. This patient is at risk for a metastasis of his melanoma because he was scared and waited so long. Get a buddy to get their skin checked too so you can go together!

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