Valentine’s day is around the corner!

Valentines-Day-background_mainIt is always difficult to find that perfect gift for your significant other, but you literally cannot go wrong if you get them sunscreen! What better gift than the gift of beautiful skin? It is both a thoughtful gift because you are considering their health, and also a useful gift because EVERYONE, man, woman, and child, can use it! Now, your job will be is to consider which type of sunscreen your significant other will most likely to want to use each day.

There are SO many options! But first, and foremost, you have to make sure it is a physical block, meaning “zinc oxide” or “titanium dioxide” as its active ingredients.

Second when deciding which sunscreen to get is usually the look of it – will they not wear it if it goes on too white? Look for a tinted sunscreen!

Other things to consider – texture. Many men do not like lotiony or creamy textures on their skin, so maybe consider a stick sunscreen or powdered sunscreen.

Do they exercise? Try looking for “water resistant” sunscreens that they can wear throughout their workouts.

Want to consolidate the products you have to use in the morning? Try finding a sunscreen + antioxidant + moisturizer. All in one products rock!

Not sure which products fit your needs? Contact us with what sunscreen specs you prefer, and we can recommend specific products to fit your niche!

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